To recognize the academic excellence and outstanding performance of the distinguished graduating students and foster students' motivation and enthusiasm in learning to create a positive university atmosphere, the University has reformed the “Rector’s Honor List” to the “President’s Medalist” award effective from the academic year of 2022/2023.

Graduates eligible for the “President’s Medalist” must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.80 or above. Potential graduates will be considered with the CGPA as of the last semester prior to graduation. Graduates who are involved in violation of the university regulation would be disqualified. Details are as follows:

  • Graduates who meet the qualifications can submit applications (Application form) to the relevant faculty in March of the graduation year.

  • The selection committee of the faculty will recommend the most distinguished candidates to go through the final selection of the University based on the academic performance and comprehensive abilities of the graduates. Among the finalists selected by the University, the most outstanding graduates will be awarded the President’s Gold Medal, and the other finalists will be awarded the President’s Silver Medal.

  • Final awardees would be announced in due course. The list of Medalists will be kept in the University history record.

  • The Medalist would receive the corresponding medal and a certificate of merit.