Regulations for Graduation Certificate Collection
(For Undergraduates and Students of Pre-University Studies)

Upon receipt of the “Notice for Graduation Certificate Collection”, students must make an appointment to collect their Graduation Certificates through “WeMust-COES”. Students can go through the relevant procedures, then collect their Graduation Certificates and final transcript through one of the following means. The Guideline and relevant forms as below:

Guideline and relevant forms

Guideline for Making Appointment to collect Graduation Certificate

Authorization Letter(For Graduation Certificate Collection and Testimonial Application)

Application for Certification of Studies     Authorization Letter
Self-evaluation Form (For applying Graduated Student Profile)

※ For students graduating from 2020/6/30 onwards, please submit the application and complete the payment through WeMust Student APP (Home > Teaching & Learning > Certification).


1. Collection in Person
After making the appointment through the “WeMust-COES”, students should print out the “Appointment Slip for Graduation Certificate Collection”. Students can collect their Graduation Certificates at the location shown on the Slip at the time of the appointment by presenting the Slip and their personal identification documents.

2. Collection through an authorized person
After making the appointment through “WeMust-COES”, students should print out the “Appointment Slip for Graduation Certificate Collection”.  Students can authorize a person by completing the “Authorization Letter”. The authorized person, upon presentation of the documents mentioned below, can then collect the Certificate from the location shown on the Slip on behalf of the student at the time of the appointment.

  1. The completed “Authorization Letter”

  2. Copy of the identification documents of the student

  3. Original and copy of the identification documents of the authorized person

  4. Appointment Slip for Graduation Certificate Collection

3. Collection via mail
Should students be unable to collect the Certificates in person or through an authorized person, they may request delivery by post (deliveries outside Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are not accepted under normal circumstances) in accordance with the procedures below:

  1. Students should register in the “WeMust-COES” where it states that they would like to collect their Graduation Certificates by post, then fill in the mailing information and upload a copy of the identification documents, and pay the packing charges as well as the postage costs via Mustpay to make a formal application.

  2. The University will send the Certificates 15 working days after the students’ application via domestic express mail by China Post (about 1 week for delivery to mainland China addresses) or via double-registered mail by Macao Post (about 2 weeks for delivery to Hong Kong or Taiwan addresses). Students should confirm receipt of the Certificate in the “WeMust-COES”.

4. Important Notes

  1. If students fail to respond to the issuing of Graduation Certificate Collection within 15 months of the date of award, the University reserves the right to void their Graduation Certificates and other associated documents.

  2. The University will mail the “Notice for Graduation Certificate Collection” to the students’ campus email address and personal e-mail address registered in COES. After they have graduated, they can no longer apply for amendment to their registered information. They can only report in writing to the University about their new contact number, correspondence and e-mail address for contact purposes and these will only be kept on file.

  3. Once they have graduated, students shall apply for the refund of the caution fee at the Finance Office Service Counter. For details, please refer toCaution Fee Refund Application Rules (for Graduates Only).

  4. Disclaimers:
    1) For any damage to or loss of Graduation Certificates issued (including those sent by mail), the University will not accept any application for re-issuance.
    2) The University is entitled to void any Graduation Certificate which is not collected within the stipulated period, and such a Certificate will not be re-issued.
    3) Request for amending any misprints on the Graduation Certificates should generally be made within 6 months of the date of award. Late applications will not be accepted. Furthermore, personal particulars update or change of traditional / simplified Chinese characters is not included in the application for amendments mentioned above.

  5. The University reserves all rights and privileges in revising and interpreting the terms and conditions above.

  6. The regulations and information above are subject to the latest announcements of the University.


5. Office Hours
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6. Contact
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